Boiler Maintenance

Boiler maintenance is important if you care about your equipment’s longevity and lifetime return on investment.

Everyone loves saving money. There is a direct correlation between combustion efficiency and the amount of energy required to provide comfort or process heating. As the price of fuel continues to rise, it becomes more important to have the heat-producing equipment performing as efficiently as possible. Small percentages of improvement can often produce savings far in excess of the cost of implementation.


    • Operating controls
    • Safety controls
    • For gas leaks
    • We’ll start boilers/
    • Check and set combustion


    • Parallel positioning (With or without  02 trim)
    • Complete burner retrofits
    • Refractory repair
    • Boiler retubes
    • Owner/ Operator  training

Why is a tune-up important?


A tune-up reestablishes the air-fuel mixture for the operating range of the boiler. Oxygen and unburned fuel are balanced to provide safe and efficient combustion. We also measure the carbon monoxide (CO) concentrations to ensure proper burner operation.

To be efficient you need to maintain that balance throughout the firing range of the burner under variable load conditions.

Measuring combustion efficiency is relatively straightforward. Simply take gas readings at the exhaust of the boiler and compare the results against the theoretical ideal conditions.

Too little air in the mixture can cause smoking which causes soot and carbon build-up that will foul the heat exchanger and cause the boiler to overheat. Too much air increases the amount of heat lost through the flue. Checking and maintaining combustion is key in keeping the boiler’s efficiency in range.

Boiler controls should be checked and adjusted to prevent cycling. Each time a burner cycles off it goes through a purge cycle. Energy is wasted since the purge air extracts heat from the boiler on its journey from the burner to the flue.

Reducing the firing rate and maintaining load requirements while limiting cycling increases efficiency. Boilers equipped with high turndown burners promotes reduced firing rates.

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