D1 Sports Training – Turf Area Cooling & Dehumidification


Shreveport, LA

D1 Sports offers specialized facilities for sports-science backed, 5-Star training along with targeted specific workouts.


Shortly after opening, D1 Sports trainers realized an opportunity to increase optimal human performance during the summer months for the turf area.  With roof-mounted exhaust fans and roll-up doors, the temperature and humidity of the turf area was affecting athlete training and workout goals.  The trainers believed if the turf area could have controlled space temperature and humidity, the athlete’s goals would be reach as planned.


A Lennox cooling only package unit was installed. This Lennox unit provided the space temperature and humidity control needed to remove outside weather conditions from training and workout plans.


Now, trainers have the option to plan training and workouts with multiple space temperature and humidity conditions. The Lennox unit allows the trainer to focus on the athlete’s training and workroom rather than the weather.


Lennox KCA210