Improving Life at Its CORE


Investing in Our Future

Studies show that air quality directly impacts the ability for children to focus and learn. CORE provides superior air quality, while requiring minimal maintenance.


Maintain a Healthy and Comfortable Climate

Ensure a healthy environment by minimizing the crossover of viruses and bacteria while maintaining a comfortable climate.


Improve Your Bottom Line with Energy Savings

Guarantee a professional environment with no odor crossover, humidity control advantages, and low maintenance cost.

Patented Polymer Membrane

All CORE exchangers are made with a patented polymer membrane that transfers both sensible and latent energy, while also blocking the transfer of gases and other contaminant.


Meets ASHRAE 90.1 with 50% to 60% total effectiveness across operating range.

50% Lower Pressure Drop on Supply Air Side

Lower specific fan power and energy consumption.

Cold Climate Advantage

Operate at lower temperatures before requiring defrost.

Very Low Gas Cross-over

Polymer membrane tested with a variety of gases, odors and VOCs to have 0.5% crossover

Healthy CORE

Exchangers are water washable with polymer membrane that passes ISO hygiene testing.

  • Patented polymer membrane only in CORE exchangers
  • Water washable
  • Mold and bacteria resistant
  • Freeze tolerant
  • AHRI certified to 0.5% EATR
  • It meets ASHRAE 90.1 with 50% to 60% total effectiveness across operating range
  • Available in sizes up to 1M

Now available in both Rebel & Vision systems.

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