The Best Cooling Tower for Design-Sensitive Projects

When it comes to water cooling solutions, REYMSA Cooling Towers has become the number one choice for architects and business owners. The key to their success is that exceeding expectations is not a one-off event… it is a way of life.

Construction Advantages

  • FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) appearance is much more aesthetically pleasing than metal
  • Permanently bonded UV protection
  • Very little maintenance required; periodic cleaning per ASHRAE 188 Protocol
  • Structural Integrity: meets high wind velocity requirements
  • Life expectancy of 30+ years (CTI Guideline 152, page 5 of 16, section 1.3: “Life of Structure – A reasonable anticipated life of 30-35 years can be expected from an FRP structure tower.)
  • Corrosion resistant: FRP material is very durable in any environment, including coastal areas and other high dissolved solids conditions

No enclosures needed – our cooling towers are the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye in the market.

Why do Architects choose REYMSA?

REYMSA has more than 2, 200 CTI Certified models, starting from single fan tower models to industrial-grade modular towers, with choices from a variety of colors, capacities, accessories and more.

Our amazing flexibility provides an extraordinary design

  • You can select a color that matches the overall tone of your building
  • Low Sound & Super Low Sound options
  • Different configurations that allow increased capacities with the same footprint
  • Modular configuration, joined together by the long or short side of the tower.
  • OSHA Safety accessories
  • Customized connections